Looking for innovative solutions to non-recyclable food packaging in grocery stores, Sobeys Inc., IGNITE Atlantic, Divert NS and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), organized the Canada-wide search with the Sobeys Plastic Waste Challenge.

For more than 50 years, the food industry has relied on plastic and Styrofoam to preserve food quality and freshness, transport goods locally and globally, and deliver convenience to their customers. Over the last 5 years, plastic food packaging has been banned or limited in many geographical regions in Canada based on environmental and regulatory pressures. the bottom line is, the continued use of plastic packaging is not sustainable.

As the first national grocery retailer to eliminate single-use plastic bags at their check-out counters, Sobeys Inc. has been a leader in addressing this critical problem by eliminating 800 million plastic bags from circulation annually.

Undertaking the Plastic Waste Challenge in partnership with IGNITE AtlanticDivert NS, and ACOA, Sobeys is continuing its commitment to reduce or eliminate the use of plastics in its stores by looking for a viable and sustainable commercial solution for in-store wrapped meat and seafood packaging.


Why Did Eco Guardian Win?

Meeting all nine required criteria, we won the challenge with our food-safe durable, and compostable, PLA-lined, sugarcane fibre meat and produce trays.

We’re committed to focusing on eco-friendly food service and packaging products. What does that mean? Our business is 100% focused on providing compostable and recyclable solutions as compared to other companies that may promote an
eco-friendly product line alongside traditional plastic and foam products. Compostable is not a sideline for us, it’s our core focus.

We have a deep understanding of the market which allows us to be innovative and agile. We focus on being sustainable and manufacture our products in close proximity to our raw materials to minimize our environmental impact. Our team continuously researches trends and new technology in order to add more innovative sustainable products and practices to our business, and yours.

Thank You to Sobeys Inc., a Leader in Sustainable Initiatives

Eco Guardian will receive a $25,000 cash prize from Sobeys, as well as the opportunity to pilot the concept in select Sobeys stores in Nova Scotia, and pending the launch of the pilot, an additional $25,000 from Divert NS to support the launch. Additionally, we will receive a 12-month residency package with Ignite Atlantic, and continued engagement with the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA).

This challenge gave us the chance to come up with an innovative solution for reducing hard-to-recycle plastics, especially in a way that consumers will notice and appreciate. We are excited for the opportunity to work with Sobeys to engage in discussions around piloting our solution in some of Sobeys’ Nova Scotia stores. This product has been years in the making, and we are nothing but proud to see it gain the recognition it deserves.

We thank Sobeys Inc. for their innovation and leadership in creating this challenge and allowing us to participate in their pilot project. It’s Sobeys’ direct approach that will help us to eliminate single-use plastics on our grocery shelves. 


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