How do you translate your restaurant experience into your delivery or take-out service?

You spent a lot of time and resources creating the ambiance and reputation of your restaurant in the community.  You focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients, top of the line equipment and professional staff to ensure your vision comes to life every day. Why not add sustainable products to complete the overall experience.

Buying sustainable food packaging isn’t only about doing the right thing for your brand, it’s also about customer trust and loyalty. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many restaurants have had to close their dining rooms and offer only takeout and delivery. Many of those restaurants turned to traditional packaging, which isn’t the most environmentally friendly option available.

How do you make the switch to sustainable and recyclable food packaging options?

We stock over 150 compostable and recyclable foodservice and packaging products. We also offer a robust supply chain to ensure our customers receive their products without delay.

Shop our wide variety of fibre restaurant take-out and delivery boxes and disposable cutlery, straws and napkins and you will be sure to find the perfect takeout solution for your needs.

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Create Products as Unique as Your Restaurant

If you’re interested in purchasing custom branded items, we have 17 years of experience with custom printing and embossing, as well as developing custom products. Depending on your order requirements, these services are included in the cost of your products.

Contact Us for Samples

Not sure if your products are right for your needs? Contact us for samples. We provide samples of all stock products. This will allow you to look it over and inspect the quality to make sure it’s something you want to sell.

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