Whether your grocery business is large or small, one unit or multi-unit, Eco Guardian has the perfect food container and packaging product to meet your needs. Our paper and bagasse containers are film sealable for HMR and frozen options, and our fibre clamshell containers are perfect for your bakery and deli needs.  As the national leader in sustainable food packaging, we offer many innovative foodservice and packaging options.

Which grocery segments do we serve?


  • Food Processing – Film sealable & frozen
  • Produce – Vegetables and Fruit
  • Deli & Frozen – Meat, Poultry, Fish
  • Specialty Items
  • Bakery
  • Food Service
  • Home Meal Replacement (HMR)
  • Reusable Bags

We’re all on the same mission – to give our customers the best sustainable solutions available

As the pandemic has changed the buying habits of consumers across the country, the grocery industry has had to quickly adopt online shopping and change the way they package and deliver food products. Following just as quickly are the single-use plastic bans both locally and nationally. These two issues will forever change the way we do business.

HMR is quickly becoming a popular section of grocery stores. Both family and single portions frozen and pre-cooked meals created by your in-store chefs are a staple of many families’ daily purchases. Freshly-made, portion-packed food makes consumers feel like they are making good choices.

When you’re ready to start planning your sustainable packaging programs, we’re ready with innovative solutions to help you find the right fit for purpose and environmental impact. Showcase your products in our high-performance food packaging made from rapidly renewable resources.

Fresh and Eco-friendly Compostable Grocery Food Packaging Ideas

Eco Guardian’s packaging solutions are developed according to national and international sustainability criteria. Our innovative fibre products are made of up to 100% sugarcane and bamboo bagasse. Their design is founded in our desire to replace traditional grocery food packaging with sustainable options that offer the same strength and durability. 

By choosing our sustainable packaging solutions, you bring us one step closer to bringing the circular economy to life.


Why Choose Eco Guardian?

We’re a Canadian Company that cares about the planet, and your business. We’ve built our manufacturing and supply chain strategically and sustainably to serve you better.

Stocking over 150 environmentally friendly products made from rapidly renewable resources offering superior strength and durability.

  • Canadian Owned
  • Operating in Canada for 17 Years
  • International Sourcing Capabilities
  • 4 warehouses – Mississauga, Montreal, Vancouver, & Calgary
  • More Than 150 Products Stocked at all Times
  • Specializing in Custom Designs and Projects