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Custom Printing, Embossing and Products

Custom printing and products are the perfect solution to help you connect with your customers. We offer custom printing and embossing on our stock and non-stock items*. Branded food service products help to create and reinforce a stylish image which helps with positioning your brand in your customer’s minds.

Give your customers something to talk about and share!

Our custom printing solutions offer:

  • Compostable and recyclable solutions
  • High-quality printing & embossing
  • Custom product development
  • Customization of stock products

Not sure how to translate your brand into a design? We can help you to develop the right look and feel for your customized printing. Whether you’re looking for a complex or minimalistic look, our designers will create custom colours, design and copy to convey your brand values.
We’ll help you every step of the way – from concept, through prototyping and testing, to final production – professionally and economically.

Contact us with the following information to start the process:


Description of the products


Application of products


Proposed timeline of your project

Show your customers your commitment to sustainability by contacting our sales team.

*Most of our compostable and recyclable products are available for printing and embossing

We help you discover your vision with our custom design process. How do you start the process?

Our custom product development solutions process:

Contact one of our sales representatives to see what’s possible

Drawing / Artwork provided by Eco Guardian or the Client

7-10 Days

3D Samples (if possible) provided by Eco Guardian

15 Days

Sample prototype created by Eco Guardian

35 Days

Production Mold
Designed by Eco Guardian

45 Days

Production Planning / Production /
Inspection by Eco Guardian and Client

60 Days

Start the Process by contacting our sales team today!

We’ll help you every step of the way–from concept, through prototyping and testing, to final production–professionally and economically.