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We’re Ready to Do Business with You

Eco Guardian has been working with large retailers since 2010. We know your standards and we’re ready to supply you with the compostable and recyclable disposable products your customers are looking for. All of our products are available to be custom printed and packaged for your specific needs.

We also also comply with all product and food safety requirements, offer food and composability certificates, and our factories are ISO rated in multiple categories.


Our Sustainable Products are Unique

Eco Guardian products offer the highest standard of strength and durability in the market. Other products might look like ours, but they don’t stand up to our consistence in quality. Why sell what all the other retailers are selling when you can stand out above the rest?


You Can Sell a Complete Product Line

Our product lines have been researched and tested. We want your collection to be complete. Whether you’re looking for products that can be printed to reflect your brands style and values, or a generic product to meet the needs of your value brands, we have complete lines in all the major foodservice and packaging categories.

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Custom Products

Why Choose Eco Guardian?

We’re a Canadian Company that cares about the planet, and your business. We’ve built our manufacturing and supply chain strategically and sustainably to serve you better.

Stocking over 150 environmentally friendly products made from rapidly renewable resources offering superior strength and durability.

  • Canadian Owned
  • Operating in Canada for 17 Years
  • International Sourcing Capabilities
  • 4 warehouses – Mississauga, Montreal, Vancouver, & Calgary
  • More Than 150 Products Stocked at all Times
  • Specializing in Custom Designs and Projects